Sannheten om keramiske coiler.

Keramiske coiler drysser ‘glassbiter.’ Det er ikke ufarlig og kan framkalle skader på lungene.  Klikk deg inn på lenken og kikk på bilder av hva som skjer med en keramisk coil.


Customers have asked why Uwell doesn’t makes ceramic coils since the ceramic coil has a longer life compared with the Crown 2 coil and some ceramic coils even have better taste. The article followed contains some researches and analysis of how ceramic coils affect vapers’ health and it may help to answer the question.

Uwell realizes the short life of the Crown 2 coil and we are developing coils to taste better and last longer. The latest version has increased life time and is now on the market. The good news is that there is positive response.

In this article, we will present three ceramic coils from different brands. We will objectively investigate them through the use of a microscope. After comparing their microstructure and powder size, we can see it is harmful to health. Using a ceramic coil can cause trachea and lung damage. Ceramic powder can cause cancer if not removed from the lung.


Les hele artikkelen her. (engelsk tekst, men norske bilder)

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